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Our mission is to reduce preventable infections through the collaboration of industry, academia, science, regulatory, and service sectors by interrupting the transmission of surface related pathogens in healthcare in support of the community and public health.

How your support helps HSI
and the Healthcare Industry

Your generous donations and support allows HSI to do the following on a national and increasingly global scale:

  • Support and guidance for manufacturers during the design of products to identify surfaces that can be effectively cleaned and disinfected without damage.
  • Understanding programs for communicating knowledge and empathy around the challenges and needs in healthcare.
  • Research and recommendations for additional necessary systematic work to increase knowledge and devise new applications.
  • Foster safe healthcare environments for healthcare workers, patients, and the general public.
  • Advance research-driven policy changes and best practices that mitigate infection spread.
  • Create and promote selection criteria that empower healthcare professionals to choose surfaces and products that support their infection prevention guidelines and protocols.
  • Educate the public, healthcare professionals, and product manufacturers on the danger of HAIs caused by contaminated surfaces, and also provide guidelines, recommendations, and resources to support changes.
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