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Someone dies every 5 minutes from a healthcare-associated infection (HAI). HAIs are the most common complication in hospital care in the U.S., with 1.7 million patients getting dangerous infections while being treated in a healthcare facility every year.

Clean and disinfected surfaces are necessary in the healthcare setting to prevent HAIs, yet this basic requirement is a challenge. HSI is the only organization focused on the role surfaces play in this healthcare crisis. The Institute is actively developing minimum standard test methods and criteria for surface materials and patient care products to validate if they can be quickly and safely disinfected.

HSI is disrupting traditional thought and action to prevent HAIs in this age of scientific advances in materials and microbial barriers. We are working hard on:

Cleaning & Disinfection

Focus a spotlight on the role surface disinfection compatibility and biofilm formation play in the spread of HAIs.

Surface/Product Verification & Selection

Provide guidelines via HSI’s patent-pending surface/product validation program to help healthcare facilities select surface materials for the built environment and reusable patient care equipment that support infection prevention cleaning and disinfection protocols.

Research & Education

Specify gaps in research and conduct projects to fill these gaps. Support innovation and design without creating potential cleaning and disinfection compatibility issues.

Close Communication Gaps

Close the gaps between healthcare professionals and those that design healthcare environments and reusable patient care products.

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