Resources Overview

HSI is working to develop and make available resources and tools available to everyone addressing the issue of healthcare-associated infections.

These include: 


We create educational materials for healthcare professionals and providers, patients, manufacturers, and the public to mitigate transmission of surface-related pathogens. We work with experts in their fields to provide on-demand webinars and other materials that inform on how we can reduce the spread of pathogens via surfaces in the healthcare environment.


HSI utilizes scientific-based evidence to create guidelines, standards, and resources that mitigate the spread of microbes via surfaces in healthcare and other settings.


There are many standards organizations and equally as many test methods to choose from when testing surface materials and products. Additionally, test methods are often altered or tweaked during the testing process. What is missing is a minimum standard required test method to validate surface disinfection compatibility using categories of EPA-registered hospital-grade disinfectants. The status quo does not provide healthcare professionals with critical information when cleaning and disinfecting.

Standards need to be defined for the selection, testing, and cleaning of surface materials. HSI is working to develop these standards as part of our Healthcare Surfaces Certification Program.

Case Studies

Learn from real-world situations where surface disinfection compatibility issues have affected healthcare facilities and manufacturers.

Statistics & FAQs

Learn more about the problem of healthcare-associated infections (HAIs) and the role that surfaces play in the spread of HAIs.

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