Surface Safety Checklist

The selection of surface materials, whether they are used in the built environment or to design products for use during patient care, must be evaluated before purchase. Below is a list of a few questions that must be asked:


Can surfaces be effectively cleaned, disinfected, and sterilized when required, using all categories of EPA-registered hospital-grade disinfectants without damage?


Do the Instructions for Use (IFU) provide all of the information needed to ensure successful cleaning and disinfection?


Have you asked to review manufacturer warnings? This may be a completely separate document.

Do Product Instructions for Use (IFUs) align with infection prevention recommendations and requirements?
Have you compared hospital cleaning and disinfection guidelines with the IFU to be sure that there are no conflicts with the use of certain disinfectants that may be recommended or required per manufacturer instructions?
Can EPA-registered hospital-grade disinfectants be used on surfaces and products such as medical devices, surgical equipment, and instruments for cleaning and disinfection without causing damage that may harbor microbes and support proliferation?
Have surface material claims been tested and scientifically validated?

Have cleaning products been tested for surface compatibility?


Who within a facility holds accountability and responsibility for infection prevention? Have they been invited to participate in the evaluation of new products or building designs? This may include but is not limited to the following roles:

  • Environmental Services
  • Infection Prevention
  • Director of Nursing and clinical specialty teams (this will change based on the environment or products being purchased)
  • Director of Operations
  • Biomedical (for medical devices)
  • Safety officer
  • VP of Quality

It is important to understand that each of these areas of expertise are focused on different aspects of an environment or product. All of them hold an important level of knowledge and understanding that must be considered during the selection process.

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