Coming to Terms: Clean and Cleaning

Cleaning and disinfection are NOT interchangeable terms, but many treat them as if they were. Surfaces appearing to be clean might not necessarily be clean when scientifically quantified or qualified. Remember, what you can't see, can hurt you.

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J. Darrel Hicks
3rd Annual Healthcare Surfaces Summit is Underway

We’re looking forward to active collaborations with our attendees! It will undoubtedly be two days of meaning, action, importance, and fun. As a non-profit organization, we are grateful for support from our attendees and sponsors. They allow us to have funds available to conduct research, standards setting, education, and more.

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Kelsey Aanerud
Welcome to the 2018 Healthcare Surfaces Summit

So many exciting things are happening with the Healthcare Surfaces Summit! As we evolve and take on more projects, felt it was time to refresh our brand and launch a new website. A streamlined new look puts a fresh focus on the important, multi-disciplinary work being done to achieve our mission: “To reduce preventable infections through collaboration of industry, academia, science, regulatory, and service sectors by interrupting the transmission of surface-related pathogens in healthcare in support of community health.”

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newsLinda Lybert
The Next Five Years

The fact that environmental surfaces play a crucial role in the spread of microbes that cause deadly infection is realized. The question is, now what? How do you evaluate the surfaces issues holistically and scientifically to find solutions, and address the many aspects of the problem?

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missionLinda Lybert