Volunteer with HSI

Join us! Apply below to volunteer on an HSI Task Force and help facilitate the changes needed to make healthcare facilities safe from infectious microbes.

We’re looking for volunteers to work with HSI on the following critical programs:

Education Initiative

Identify gaps in education and create webinars, town hall meetings, and panel discussions, Develop the curriculum for the HSI Surface Selection Certificate Program and IFU training for manufacturers and healthcare professionals.

IFU Initiative

This task force will develop standardized templates and guidelines for writing and reviewing IFUs. HSI will put the IFU before a review board and provide a stamp of approval for completion.

Cleaning and Disinfection Testing Standards Task Force

This task force creates the standard test methods for validation of surface disinfection compatibility. A patent is currently pending for one of the test methods HSI developed.


HSI is a 501c3 non-profit. Funding for the Institute currently comes from sponsorships and donations. We are in the process of also developing a grassroots fundraising effort for survivors or families of HAI victims.


Do you have marketing experience and are interested in helping HSI promote our mission? This group will work to create content for social media and newsletters. Work with us to provide critical information to healthcare professionals and manufacturers and solicit opportunities to publish in peer-reviewed journals, etc.

“A collaborative effort that brings together a diverse group of thought leaders, health care professionals, manufacturers, scientists and others is critical to explore root causes and develop sustainable solutions that will mitigate the spread of HAIs.”

– Linda Lybert, Founder & Executive Director 

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