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Join us to protect patients from deadly infections transmitted via contaminated surfaces and equipment.
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We focus on surfaces to prevent healthcare-associated infections

HSI is disrupting traditional thought and action to prevent HAIs in this age of scientific advances in materials and microbial barriers. Our current priorities include:

  • Research and education on the role of surface disinfection compatibility and biofilm formation
  • A patent-pending surface/product validation program to help healthcare facilities select surface materials for the built environment and reusable patient care equipment
  • Closing the gaps between healthcare professionals and those that design healthcare environments and reusable patient care products

HSI is seeking sponsors to provide financial and in-kind support to continue the work so urgently needed to tackle this critical issue.

Work with us to determine the custom benefits of your sponsorship

The Healthcare Surfaces Institute wants to build collaborative partnerships with our sponsors. We would like to work with you to develop a collectively beneficial strategy that supports your business goals and furthers the HSI mission.

Become an HSI sponsor

We’re on a mission to make the world pay attention to the issue of healthcare surfaces. Join us and be a part of a new approach to patient safety.


Benefits of corporate sponsorship may include, but are not limited to:
  • Research collaboration
  • Early-adoption for HSI Surface Materials and Products Validation Program
  • Active involvement in HSI initiative groups
  • Recognition on the HSI website, social media, and e-newsletter
  • Author guest posts on the HSI blog
  • Co-host webinars

Reach out to discuss what we can do together.

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“We have a strong and direct mission and mandate to connect industries for working on the multi-pronged approach to the problem of infections.”

— Mary Millard, HAI Survivor & Global Patient Advocate

Our sincerest thanks to our current sponsors:

Healthcare Surfaces Institute

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