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Investing in Collaboration and Change

We are grateful for our corporate sponsors, individual members, and donors who continue to help us move our mission forward! As a 501(c)(3) public non-profit charity, our work is funded through donations, sponsorships, and memberships.

As the Institute continues to grow, we are grateful for the active involvement of our sponsors on task forces and project teams and encourage new sponsors to join us as well.

Our sponsorships are designed to support our work, which is focused on three pillars:

  1. Testing & Validation
  2. Surface Selection
  3. Cleaning & Disinfection

The work happening within each of the pillars includes – but is not limited to – research, development of guidelines and standards, educational programs, and so much more.

Read more about The 3 Pillars of HSI.

Our Sponsorship Levels

Research Contributor


Sponsors in this category pay for specific research the Institute has identified for the year or contribute to a new project.

Surface Testing & Validation Task Force Sponsor


This task force will work to develop test methods, testing processes, reporting recommendations, and create IFU templates.

Under HSI’s Testing & Validation pillar, the Institute has recently launched a research project to gather data and information from healthcare professionals about the challenges and barriers they face when following Instructions for Use (IFUs) for this task force.

Education Sponsor


Sponsors in this category support our ongoing webinars, town hall meetings, and the implementation of our Surface Selection Certification curriculum. Education sponsors can also have HSI present educational programs related to surface safety to your target audience (not product-specific).

Collaboration Sponsor


This category is designed for organizations looking to support HSI without active involvement or those not wanting to utilize Institute services. These sponsors demonstrate unwavering commitment to the Institute’s mission to finding multi-modal sustainable solutions. They recognize that driving the necessary changes requires collaborative effort rather than relying solely on individual initiatives.

This category funds HSI’s operating expenses, such as our website, newsletter, outreach, and other operating costs.

Sponsorship Benefits

Become an HSI Sponsor

We’re on a mission to create solutions for the issue of healthcare surfaces. Join us and be a part of a new approach to patient safety.

If you are interested, please contact us using this form, or email the Institute directly at info@healthcaresurfacesinstitute.org.

If you are interested, but aren’t sure if the opportunities above are the right fit for you, please contact HSI to create a sponsorship program that meets your needs.

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    “We have a strong and direct mission and mandate to connect industries for working on the multi-pronged approach to the problem of infections.”

    — Mary Millard, HAI Survivor & Global Patient Advocate

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