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Why Join HSI?

The Healthcare Surfaces Institute is the only professional membership group that exists for timely and evidence-based research and new solutions on the role that surfaces play in the transmission of pathogenic organisms which threaten human life. The Healthcare Surfaces Institute is a platform for collaboration across key areas of expertise critical to this issue and much of what we are doing has never been done before.

Members have access to our resources and experts, influence in our organization, and an opportunity to make a contribution to our cause. Join us!



A chat with a board member within 30 days of joining to discuss your needs and interests


Access to our Member Forum – join the discussion with other professionals and experts


Free on-demand webinars


A quarterly "Meet the Experts" Zoom meeting for members only


Free or discounted access to Institute resources, research, and case studies as they become available


An invitation and registration discount for the HSI Annual Summit


Participate in annual surveys


Participate in the development of resources that are beneficial to you


Members may apply to participate in the HSI Rapid Response Consulting program

How is the Healthcare Surfaces Institute different from every other professional organization?

The Institute was not founded to duplicate anything that is already being done. Each of the professional organizations are focused on the professionals in that industry or area of expertise. Examples of these are APIC, Infection Preventionist, ASHE, American Society of Health Care Engineering, and the list goes on. These organizations are critical for the advancement of these areas of expertise.

The Healthcare Surfaces Institute is a platform for collaboration with a focus on surfaces and a goal to mitigate the spread of microbes that can cause deadly infections. While the focus is on surfaces, the collaboration needed to be effective must include all areas of expertise along with manufacturers to achieve this goal.

Why join HSI?

The Institute is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) charitable organization and our ability to meet our goals is dependent on the funds being raised through our memberships and partnerships.

We are a cutting-edge collaboration which means much of what we are doing has never been done before. Members have an opportunity to be a part of this. When you become a member, you get free access to our on-demand webinar training and town hall meetings to talk with our experts. You will receive discounted rates and an invitation to the invitation-only HSI Annual Meeting, and so much more.

Why is the Annual Summit invitation only?

Every professional organization holds an annual conference with educational programs, guest speakers, networking opportunities, and a trade show. Those are incredibly beneficial. Our Annual Summit is exactly that. It is a working meeting with a few presenters, who are mostly board members or someone from the EPA who may have an update. All of our initiative groups provide an update and meet face-to-face to advance their projects. We also set our agenda for the coming year.

Who can become a member of HSI?

Anyone with an interest in mitigating the spread of microbes via surfaces and has an interest in working with the Institute to achieve those goals.

How much does becoming a member cost?

An individual membership is $300/year. If you are a member of one of our qualifying associated healthcare professional organizations, a discounted rate of $240/year is available to you. Please refer to this list of acceptable organizations to qualify for the associated organization discount. Membership dues are charged annually on the day that you join.

How can members get involved at the institute?

Within the first 30 days of becoming a member, you will be contacted by a member of the Healthcare Surfaces Institute Board of Directors to understand your immediate needs and ensure that your experience as a member of the Institute brings value.

Express an interest in getting involved and we will meet to discuss your areas of interest and work with you to become involved in an Initiative Group research project or writing group. The work groups are kept small to facilitate work. We will be starting several new initiatives including additional materials groups. Contact us for more information.

Our Members

Our focus is on empowering professionals that hold responsibility and accountability for infection prevention and safety, and we are committed to providing accurate information and resources to our members as they navigate challenges.

Infection Preventionists

Industrial Hygiene

Quality Improvement

Environmental Services



Property Owners/Developers

Interior Designers

Facilities Management


Patient Safety





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