The Problem

Traditional soft surfaces (pillows, mattresses, cushions, etc.) are often-overlooked vectors for contamination within healthcare facilities. In fact, ECRI Institute listed soft surfaces second on their list of Top Health Technology Hazards, stating: “Blood and other body fluids that remain on, or within, mattresses or mattress covers after cleaning can contact subsequent patients, posing an infection risk.”

These soft surfaces are designed in a way that allows pathogens to accumulate within their cores and become aerosolized with each use. This puts both patients and caregivers at risk of infection.

Spry’s Solution

Spry’s patented Pneumapure® filter technology is designed to block all known viruses, bacteria, mold, and other pathogens from getting into the core of a soft surface, while still allowing for breathability. The .02 micron filter allows nothing but clean air to pass in and out of the core, ensuring that no contaminants are being absorbed or expelled.

This breathable barrier solution is comprised of 3 key components:

  1. Patented Pneumapure filter technology, which allows breathability while blocking all viruses, allergens, and other harmful pathogens
  2. Hermetically sealed seams, which eliminate stitching holes that would otherwise allow the absorption of pathogens
  3. Waterproof exterior fabric, which prevents pathogen ingress and makes soft surfaces easy-to-clean with no laundry needed


Spry’s filter technology has been independently tested and proven effective in blocking pathogen ingress. A major New York healthcare system has also found that after a six-month period of active use in their facilities, no bacteria was detected on the interiors of any Spry PPE Pillows tested – unlike the existing pillows used throughout the facility.

Healthcare acquired infections kill more people per year than breast cancer and prostate cancer combined. It is Spry’s goal to ensure that soft surface contamination is properly addressed in this ongoing fight, and that healthcare facilities are equipped with the right tools to do so.

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About SPRY Therapeutics

Spry Therapeutics is a health and wellness technology company that uses a proprietary soft-surface filter technology to block all pathogens from entering or exiting any soft surface to which it’s applied. The Company’s Pneumapure® filter is designed to help prevent cross-contamination among patients and caregivers, as well as provide a clean sleep solution to businesses and consumers alike. For more information, visit and follow Spry Therapeutics on LinkedIn.

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