The Healthcare Surfaces Institute Holds In-Person Meeting Just Ahead of Shelter-in-Place Orders

Post Author: Linda Lybert, Executive Director
May 31, 2020

Just as the world was beginning to realize COVID-19 was quickly spreading, and shelter in place requirements began, the Healthcare Surfaces Institute held its annual meeting and workshop in Houston, Texas March 3rd and 4th.

This event was incredibly timely as the Board of Directors, a diverse group of high-level healthcare professionals, met to discuss and plan for the 2020-2021 scope of work. Our goal is to empower healthcare workers in all areas of expertise and environmental services professionals working on the front lines of patient care. We are working to develop guidelines, educational materials, and tool kits that support them through this pandemic and beyond. While the primary transmission of COVID-19 is via aerosolized droplets and human contact, these droplets eventually land on surfaces, and people who are continually interacting with many different types of surfaces.

Until you focus and pay attention to what you are touching, people are entirely unaware of the number of surfaces they are in contact within a really short period. Think for just a minute about surfaces, clothing, furnishings, fixtures, and environmental surfaces such as countertops, doors, and more.

Hands are surfaces, and the most accessible surface to clean are your hands. Do it often and effectively.  

The focus right now is on patient care. Once the surge is over, the focus will be on how to prevent further transmission and spread of the virus as well as the other deadly pathogens that live for days, weeks, and months on surfaces. 

The Healthcare Surfaces Institute’s annual meeting was the best yet, and it included a workshop for others who attended. These workshop presentations will become a webinar series soon.

Be safe and stay healthy,

Linda Lybert
Founder and Executive Director
Healthcare Surfaces Institute

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