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Neoterix® ST – Reducing bacterial contamination without antimicrobials

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Neoterix ST

A bacteria-resistant surface innovation inspired by shark skin

Neoterix ST is an innovative technology for creating surfaces that inhibit bacterial attachment. Surfaces made with Neoterix ST will help prevent bacterial attachment without the use of toxic, antimicrobial resistance causing chemical or metal additives. With this technology, Sappi is enabling sustainable solutions that effectively support current infection control protocols and antimicrobial stewardship programs.

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How it Works

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What is Neoterix ST?

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Neoterix ST is a release paper engineered with the patented Sharklet™ micropattern to create surfaces that inhibit bacterial attachment. The microscopic texture alone proactively inhibits bacteria from attaching using no toxic additives or chemicals. The product’s unique resilience is in its ability to impart these properties into multiple surfaces, in multiple care settings and perform consistently. It can be manufactured into coated fabrics, laminates and other materials commonly used in hospital furniture, cabinets and countertops, doors, mattress covers, headwalls, wall paneling, and many other products and surfaces.

Benefits of Neoterix ST

  • Proactively inhibits bacterial attachment

  • Non-toxic – no chemicals or antimicrobials

  • Does not contribute to antimicrobial resistance

  • Reduces surface contamination between cleanings

  • Does not impact ordinary cleaning and disinfection protocols

  • Can be manufactured into coated fabrics, laminates, films, and other product surfaces

  • Products can be validated with a laboratory test method developed specifically for this technology

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Healthcare industry partnerships

Sappi is dedicated to supporting the healthcare industry in finding surface solutions that effectively support current infection control protocols and antimicrobial stewardship efforts. To achieve this goal, product development and design can’t be done without significant input from healthcare professionals.

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Sappi is seeking committed partners that are interested in developing innovative products for healthcare and other markets with a focus on providing solutions that support antimicrobial stewardship, infection control and reduced surface contamination. If you are interested in helping to evaluate this technology or if you would like to explore incorporating this technology into your products, please email


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