Surfaces Matter: A Review of the Complex Issues and Challenges of An Overlooked Issue

Learning Objectives


Identify the gaps and inconsistencies between real-life healthcare scenarios and current scientific test methods relating to disinfectant and surface compatibility.


Review the role that healthcare environmental surfaces play in infection prevention and explain why surface compatibility with chemical disinfectants can impact the safety of patients and healthcare personnel.


Explain how to evaluate and validate instructions for use (IFUs) prior to purchase of any products used within the healthcare environment and evaluate manufacturer warnings to ensure currently used disinfectants do not cause damage and degradation to healthcare surfaces and medical equipment


Linda Lybert, founder and executive director, Healthcare Surfaces Institute


This presentation will provide a high-level overview of the challenges that surfaces present in the healthcare setting. Gain a new understanding of the confusion and challenges associated with cleaning and disinfection, room turnover, human behavior, identification of high-touch surfaces, and why surfaces present significant risk to patients, healthcare workers and the general public. Surfaces can support or inhibit infection prevention protocol and processes and are active in the acquisition and transmission of healthcare-acquired infections (HAIs)

Duration: 57 minutes
Date: August 2020

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