Research: Cleaning Methods

PDFs listed below


Automated UV device for decon C.diff and others – Nerandzic

Decon using ultraviolet-C emitting device – Anderson

Detergent vs hypochlorite cleaning for C.diff – Wilcox

Effectiveness of surface cleaning in Brazilian hospital – Santos-Junior

Efficacy H2O2 to disinfect ICU rooms – Blazejewski

Efficacy hosp germicides Adeno8 epidemic keratoconjunc – Rutala

Efficacy of disinfec silver dihydrogen citate against GI.6 GII.4 norovirus – Manuel

Efficacy of disinfectant using Salmonella as a test org – Jang

Fogged ClO2 and H2O2 disinfectants norovirus calcivirus – Montazeri

GLucoprotamin and aldehyde on BMT unti prospective crossover – Meinke

Know attitudes of EVS staff REACH study – Mitchell

Liquid and fog based app hypochlorus acid to surfaces norovirus – Park

MRSA and H2O2 decon interrupted time series analysis – Mitchell

MRSA bedside surfaces enhanced disinfection using polymer surfactant – Yuen

No touch xenon for MRSA replace manual cleaning – Jinadatha

Novel assay comparison of antimicrobial activity – Thorn

Prospective cluster RCT H2O2 quar amonium surfaces and outcomes – Boyce

Pulsed xenon disinfec on MRSA contam – Jinadatha

Pulsed Xenon UV disinfec on surface contam human milk prep area – Dippenaar

Rapid room decon w UV and UV wall coating – Rutala

Room decon w UV radiation – Rutala

Sanitizer against nurine norovirus on stainless steel 3 methods – Bolton

Steam vapor vs NaHCl MDRO drug-resis pathogens – Bagattini

UV protocol reduce bioburden, infection hosp. rates – Kovach

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