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    <br> This specific helicopter appears to have in no way been applied in overcome by the PLA (given that they had no aviation component, and as a result lacked the technically proficient personnel to assist fly and keep the captured airframe), which ended up staying basically placed on storage at Hammana beneath the custody of the Druze eleventh Infantry Brigade for the remainder of the Civil War. Each “Sector” was assigned a “Commando” business and an infantry enterprise, the two of which have been elevated regionally and grouped jointly into a battalion- or regimental-sized fight undertaking-drive termed a “Brigade” (Arabic: Liwa’), plus an connected Military Police Brigade (truly, a Battalion). Mohamad Awad – Commander of the Arab al-Maslakh company of the PLA Security Police Corps. Hussein al-Khatib Bibi – Deputy Commander of the Arab al-Maslakh business of the PLA Security Police Corps. Jamal Ammar (a.k.a. ‘Abu Ammar’) – subordinate device Commander of the PLA Security Police Corps. The Tanukh Brigade – PLA “Commando” and Special Operations unit specialized in unconventional warfare. Ramez Assaf – Commander of the PLA Tanukh “Commando” Brigade.<br>

    <br> Beretta Model 12, Steyr MPi 69 and Remington Model 870 were employed by PLA bodyguard models. Spring Offensive’ held against East Beirut and Mount Lebanon, battling the Lebanese Front militias at the Aley District in March-April 1976. At the former place, the PSP Popular Commandos Forces allied with the Lebanese Arab Army (LAA) battled Internal Security Forces (ISF) and Army of Free Lebanon’s (AFL) units during an unsuccessful attempt to raid the AFL Headquarters at the Shukri Ghanem Barracks intricate in the Fayadieh district. During the June 1982 Israeli invasion of Lebanon the PSP/PLA remained neutral, with Walid Jumblatt refusing to permit PLO units to operate in Druze territory and the PSP militia forces did not fought against the Israel Defense Forces (IDF), even though they supported their arch-enemies the Maronite Kataeb Party and its army arm, the Lebanese Forces (LF) militia. When the Lebanese Civil War began in April 1975, as a member of the LNM the Druze PSP was an lively founder of its navy wing, the Joint Forces (LNM-JF), and during the 1975-77 period of the Lebanese Civil War, they had been seriously dedicated in various battles.<br>

    <br> Kamal Jumblatt’s opposition to the Syrian army intervention of June 1976 in aid of the formal Lebanese Government and his adversaries of the Christian Lebanese Front militias, resulted in the PSP/PLF fighting Syrian Army troops at the Battle of Bhamdoun in the Chouf District. Led by Jumblatt’s PSP/PLA, the alliance collected its rivals of the Druze Yazbaki clan, the Syrian Social Nationalist Party (SSNP), the Al-Mourabitoun and the Lebanese Communist Party (LCP)/Popular Guards, which fought the LF, the Lebanese Armed Forces (LAF) and the U.S. Walid Jumblatt’s militia forces overran concerning 31 August and thirteen September 1983 sixty-two Maronite villages (including Bmarian, Bireh, Ras el-Matn, Maaser Beit ed-Dine, Chartoun, Ain el-Hour, Bourjayne, Fawara, and Maaser el-Chouf), slaughtered 1,500 men and women and drove a further 50,000 out of their properties in the mountainous locations east and west of Beirut. Middle East International No 357, 25 August 1989, Publishers Lord Mayhew, Dennis Walters MP Jim Muir, pp. In 1988, the PLA obtained his best trophy when a Lebanese Air Force pilot, the Druze Lieutenant Majed Karameh, defected from Adma airfield located in the East Beirut canton, and flew his Aérospatiale SA 342K Gazelle attack helicopter to the Druze-controlled Chouf, where by it was impounded on landing and transported by a PLA MAZ-537G tank transporter to the Saïd el-Khateeb Barracks at Hammana in the Baabda District.<br>

    <br> Libya, Iraq, Poland, Czechoslovakia, East Germany, and the USSR. Under the command of Major Raja Harb, from 1978 until the stop of the civil war in 1990, the PSP militia annually experienced about a hundred and fifty gentlemen in the USSR, at the two key education facilities run by the Soviet Main Directorate of International Military Cooperation, the Higher Military Combined Command Engineering School of Air Defense and the Higher United Military School in the Odessa, and the Simferopol United Military School on the Crimea. Following their return, these expert fighters formed the cadres in the PSP schooling camps established up through the Chouf District, wherever they transferred the techniques they experienced obtained to a significant variety of long run combatants. Centred at the Druze town of Baakline – the PSP’s political and armed service HQ – the canton comprised the Aley and Chouf Districts, together with the historic cities of Moukhtara (the Jumblatt family’s feudal seat in the vicinity of Beiteddine), Deir al-Qamar, and Bhamdoun, and the Iqlim al-Kharrub coastal enclave south of Beirut, which was additional to the canton in March 1984. At west Beirut, the PLA experienced since 1976-77 a presence at the Ain el-Mreisseh seafront quarters of Dar el-Mreisseh district and the Corniche el-Mazraa of the Msaytbeh district, and managed considering that May 1985 the Druze-populated Karakol el-Druze quarter, elements of the Hamra district and a substantial part of Rue Jabal el-Arab in the Watta el-Msaytbeh quarter, the latter a small Druze avenue that housed the PSP’s principal political places of work in the cash town.<br>

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