7 Ramadan Talks on Diverse Themes: From Fasting to Eid al-Fitr


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    Fasting on Mondays and Thursdays is a special technique observed by several Muslims. It combines the intention of not eating on these certain days with the pre-meal petitions. Understanding the significance of intent in any kind of act of worship is essential, as it distinguishes a simple regimen from a meaningful act of dedication. The dawn prayer before fasting on Mondays and Thursdays consists of both the intention for not eating on these days and the supplication prior to consuming.

    2. The Formulation of Objective:
    The purpose for not eating on Mondays and Thursdays is simple. It involves sharing the intention to observe the volunteer quick out of dedication to Allah. The objective for Monday fasting is expressed as, “I intend to observe the rapid of Monday for Allah.” Similarly, the intention for Thursday fasting is mentioned as, “I plan to observe the rapid of Thursday for the benefit of Allah.”

    The Night of Decree (Lailatul Qadr).
    The sermons highlight the relevance of Lailatul Qadr, an evening far better than a thousand months, when the Qur’ an was first exposed. Muslims are urged to seek this evening in the last 10 days of Ramadan, participating in increased worship and supplication, looking for Allah’s mercy and mercy.

    Procedure for Dhuhr Prayer.
    The procedure for Dhuhr prayer starts with making the purpose, complied with by Takbiratul Ihram (claiming “Allahu Akbar” and elevating the hands). The prayer includes stating Al-Fatiha, another Surah of choice, Ruku (bowing), Sujud (prostrating), resting in between two Sujuds, and finishing with the Tashahhud and Salam.

    Purpose for Dhuhr Prayer
    The objective, or niyyah, is a basic element of doing any type of Islamic prayer. It indicates the petition entertainer’s function, routed towards meeting the commitment of Dhuhr petition. The intent can be made quietly in the heart and does not need to be vocalized. It basically distinguishes the kind of petition being performed, whether as an Imam leading the petition, a Ma’ mum complying with the Imam, or praying alone.

    7. Days of Spiritual Value:
    Mondays and Thursdays are also acknowledged as days when evictions of Heaven are opened up, and forgiveness is bountiful for those that seek it genuinely. Monday holds particular relevance as it notes both the birth and the departure of Prophet Muhammad.

    Fasting on Mondays and Thursdays is not merely a physical act yet a spiritual undertaking deeply rooted in Islamic practice. By comprehending the significance of intention and incorporating pre-meal supplications, Muslims improve their fasting experience, attracting closer to Allah and seeking His blessings and mercy. These volunteer fasts function as a method of spiritual filtration and a demonstration of dedication to the belief.

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    Incorporating Dhuhr Petition with Asr.
    When integrating Dhuhr with Asr petitions, the purpose must define the kind of mix, whether it’s bringing Asr onward to the time of Dhuhr (Jamak Taqdim) or postponing Dhuhr to the moment of Asr (Jamak Takhir). The number of raka’ats for Dhuhr continues to be 4 in these scenarios.

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