Dr. Curt White: In Memoriam

by Mar 3, 2023News

Ellen Turner

HSI mourns the loss of a valued friend, colleague, and supporter

Dr. Curtis White was a founding member of the Healthcare Surfaces Institute and was an active supporter of the board of directors and a major donor. His incredible knowledge and expertise in microbiology, combined with his entrepreneurial experience, helped the Institute through the early years of setting up a successful non-profit organization with an audacious mission. He pushed us to gain a deeper understanding of the root causes of the problem. He co-authored the book “Microbial Problems in Buildings: An Operational Manual for Detection, Remediation & Avoidance,” a fantastic guide for creating tools and resources for healthcare professionals.

Curt was delightful to be around. When he wasn’t talking about the latest research, he was talking about his grandchildren and other family members, his church, and his many other interests. He was quite a renaissance man and inspired hope for responding to shared problems and dilemmas. We will miss him terribly. Our thoughts and prayers are with his family and friends as they adjust to his absence.

“The awareness and attention to surfaces as sources and transfer routes of pathogenic microbes is an underappreciated reality and deserves efforts to understand and remedy. Seeing the energized commitment of the wide range of healthcare professionals at the Institute and the ever-focusing of the HSI work-products provide for optimism and pathways for real change.”

— Dr. W. Curtis White, Ph.D.


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