Healthcare Surfaces Certification and Standards Program

Surfaces are fomites that contribute to the acquisition and transmission of microbes that cause deadly infections. Have they been tested to ensure they can be efficiently and effectively cleaned and disinfected without damage that creates microbial reservoirs that support microbial growth?

Healthcare-acquired infections cannot be mitigated until surfaces are addressed.

To address this problem, we are developing the first certification and standards program for surface manufacturers. This program will help manufacturers develop products and allow healthcare professionals to identify products that can be effectively cleaned, disinfected, and sterilized to reduce the spread of HAIs. The program includes the development of surface testing standards, educational programs, and resources as well as a certification process that will provide manufacturers with a certificate of validation from the Healthcare Surfaces Institute.

Join the Effort

We are currently working with healthcare professionals and HSI manufacturing partners to begin the development of this certification program. If you are interested in becoming a partner and working with us, contact us by submitting the form below:

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