Annual Summit

The 2021 Healthcare Surfaces Institute Annual Summit

Date: TBD
Location: This year’s summit will be virtual
Registration: Coming Soon


Hear about the progress we have made on new programs and help us set the agenda for 2022 as we work to achieve our mission of the Healthcare Surfaces Institute. The Summit includes a combination of presentations and moderated round table discussions.

This event encourages participants to roll up their sleeves and participate in discussions and planning. We are bringing together a diverse group of healthcare experts and industry thought leaders, scientists, regulatory representatives, and manufacturers. An important group of professionals that don’t often find themselves at the same table at the same time discussing all aspects of problems and finding solutions.

Day two of this event is a strategic planning session with our board of directors and scientific advisory board who will develop the strategy for 2022 based on the discussions of the previous day work. Attendees are active participants at this event.

A few topics to be discussed include:

  • Spaulding classification of non-critical surfaces is it time for a change?
  • Surface disinfection incompatibility of medical devices Case Study presentation and discussion
  • Soft Surfaces that support microbial transmission

The Healthcare Surfaces Institute is not a singular meeting, it is not a conference, and it is not a thing. It is an ongoing dialogue between and among professionals dedicated to reaching the highest peak of safety and quality in healthcare, related to preventing illness and infection associated with contaminated healthcare surfaces.

- Amber Mitchell, DrPH, MPH, CPH, Executive Director/President, International Safety Center

Recap: The 2020 Healthcare Surfaces Institute Annual Summit

The 2020 HSI Annual Summit convened at the UT Health Cooley Center in Houston, Texas in early March, just as the world was beginning to realize COVID-19 was quickly spreading. For a recap of the event, view our blog post: The Healthcare Surfaces Institute Holds In-Person Meeting Just Ahead of Shelter-in-Place Orders

View the 2020 Annual Summit photo gallery here.

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