Advisory Board

Learn more about our advisory board members below (appearing in alphabetical order).


Mary Millard, M. Ed.

Mary Millard, M. Ed. is a ECMO, OHS, and acute Septic Shock survivor living with Pseudomonas Aeruginosa residing in biofilm (a MDR pathogen) as a result of a hospital acquired infection (HAI) contracted during open heart surgery.  She has now become a tireless advocate for awareness, identification, and research of sepsis and other HAIs.  She has been a keynote speaker to congressional panels, hospital groups, infection prevention specialists, church groups, and students with the goal to shed light on those living with chronic infections and to inform about the extreme financial costs for both patients and healthcare facilities.  Mary is currently in the process of obtaining her second Masters degree, studying Public Health.


Dr. W. Curtis White, PhD

Dr. Curt White is the Chief Technology Consultant and President of White IEQ Consulting and the CEO and CTO of Nano Safe Coatings. He has been involved in the research, development, registration, and commercialization of antimicrobial agents since 1962 as a teacher and working at Dow Chemical, F. Jos Lamb, Dow Corning, and Aegis. He was the founder, CEO, and Director of R&D for ÆGIS Environmental Management, a global supplier of solutions to microbial problems in buildings, enclosed transportation units and consumer and medical textiles including wound care products and construction materials.

Dr. White consults on microbiological problem identification and remediation/containment in buildings and products. He is an expert in textile preservation and infection control and in the control of problem causing microbes in indoor environments and is recognized as a leader in the understanding and control of microbial problems on substrates, in products, and in the indoor environment.

His involvement in professional, trade, and standards organizations setting standards and communicating the values of various antimicrobial technologies and modes of antimicrobial activity has kept him on the leading edge of technical, testing, and commercial developments in the fields of disinfection, preservation, and the protection of indoor environments from microbes.